A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy

A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy

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    Flash A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy

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    A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy

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    A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy – Interactive CD

    The Atlas emphasizes surface anatomy and features unique additional views (posterior, medial, lateral) of important structures that are often difficult for students to understand and appreciate – such as the perineum, head and neck, and limb muscles. The ADAM Student Atlas of Anatomy is an invaluable learning and review tool developed for medical students as well as undergraduate and graduate students in allied health and human biology.

    “By including both systemic coverage of the body and regional approaches, the authors reach both undergraduate medical students and allied health students….This anatomy atlas covers each significant region of the human body in detail appropriate for reduced-hours medical curricula, as is the case in many major medical schools. In addition to the regional treatment of the human body, a standard for most anatomical atlases, the authors also present a systemic treatment of the body, carefully woven into the regional anatomy approach. In effect, the authors are able to target two different audiences with their unique style and approach. In addition, the detailed regional illustrations with only the most clinically relevant structures labeled are juxtaposed with cadaveric dissection photos. The authors stress the significance of including cadaver photos, explaining that many students prefer to use illustrations that resemble their own dissections, but usually only as a refresher before exams. Thus, by including traditional illustrations and photographs, the authors have eliminated the need to purchase more than one anatomy atlas for studying….This is an impressive student atlas.”

    Throughout, the art in this full-color Atlas (featuring cadaveric photographs from the Bassett Collection) takes a three-dimensional approach to anatomic structure. Illustrations are appropriately labeled for the beginning anatomy student and are supplemented with radiographs, cross-sectional images, correlated tables, and illustrations of isolated muscles, bones, and attachments.

    The coverage and detail found throughout the ADAM Student Atlas of Anatomy make it a must-have for every student who is attempting to master the basics of anatomy for the first time.

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    http://www.fileserve.com/file/kMMZJS2/A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy - Docspedia.part1.rar
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/KC3PNCj/A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy - Docspedia.part2.rar

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